Why Co-living?

Coliving is becoming a popular choice for many in the UK and beyond. People are choosing to rent rather than buy and to live together rather than alone.

They realise the benefits of sharing chores and costs, being connected, reducing energy consumption and being kinder to the planet. There are many different companies emerging in the UK and Europe, visit our facebook page to find out more about coliving.

Coliving is a desirable lifestyle choice for our members, so we work with other providers to find the right properties. We only select those that fit our vision for an enhanced lifestyle. Take a look at the properties we currently have and contact us to book a viewing.

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Disclaimer: Please take care when meeting strangers, Cosy Quarters cannot take responsibility for its members, we do not vet people, or run any checks. Always meet in a public place and we advise that you don’t give away personal information in the first instance. We want this platform to be open and friendly and welcoming, but we cannot vouch for our members, so please be aware of your own safety. We do our best to match people together through compatibility, however from time to time differences may arise between people, which we could not have foreseen, we are happy to offer more matches as part of your membership, should this occur. We cannot be held responsible for any house shares that prove to be incompatible or in the event of a breakdown in relationships with house mates. We do our best to offer tips on good house sharing, we suggest questions to discuss before agreeing to live with others and how to prepare for disputes within households. Should a breakdown in relationships occur within a co-living household, we suggest you seek your own legal advice. If, during your membership with us, you have any concerns about a member behaving inappropriately, please contact us.